Young Women Agents of Positive Change

The project was implemented with the goal of empowering young women for the active participation in the social and political sphere. Young women between 16 – 29 (students, members of political parties, members of youth councils and nonprofit organizations) will be educated and empowered for the active involvement in the life in their local communities and the decision making processes at the local and national level making them advocates for gender equality.

The project will involve 20 young women from various parts of Croatia who will receive education and empowerment for the active participation in the society and the promotion of gender equality. Participants will get the information and knowledge about women's human rights and gender equality as well as certain skills needed for the activist action. These skills include the use of journalist skills and art photography to promote gender equality.

The component of the education is action planning through which the participants will design actions which they will implement in their local communities. Action implementation will be documented and showcased at the virtual photo exhibition. Photo exhibition will be held at the web page Libela and Libela Facebook page. Implementation of actions and exhibition will be followed by the public presentation of the actions results. 

The project began in 2014 with the support of Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and the City of Zagreb. This project is the continuation of the homonymous project that has been implemented by CESI and the partnering organizations Foundation CURE (BiH) and Autonomous Women's Centre (Serbia) in the 2013.