Transgressing Gender: Two is not Enough for Gender (E)quality: the Conference Collection

This collection represents the majority of papers and workshops presented at the conference Transgressing Gender: Two is not Enough for Gender (E)quality which was held in Zagreb in October, 2005. The conference was organized by the Women?s Room and CESI from Zagreb, and partnering organizations DEVE from Belgrade and the Organization Q from Sarajevo. As the first of its type in Central and South-Eastern Europe, the main goal of the conference was to enable and support strategic alliances and cooperation between different social groups actively engaged in the issues of gender freedom, gender equality and promotion and protection of gender rights by way of overlapping feminist, gender and transgender theoretical and political orientations. You can read more about the conference by visiting http://www.zenskasoba.hr/tgenderzagreb/index.html where you can also download the Conference collection in both local and English languages.