The Prejudiced are the Blind

In 2011, CESI implemented the project "Equal opportunities for women and girls with visual impairment" which was financially supported by the European Union through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

The project aimed to encourage empowerment and inclusion of women with visual impairment in social processes and to raise public awareness on issues related to women with disabilities. This was achieved through the development of leadership skills and sensitization of women and girls with visual impairments to gender issues and the change in social attitudes and prejudices with a commitment to equal opportunities for women with visual impairment.

For the purpose of promoting awareness for equal opportunities for women and girls with visual impairment and as a warning to the problem of multiple discrimination which they encounter, a video "The Prejudiced are the blind" was produced within the project.

The video was directed by Saša Ban, a leading actress in the video is Martina Belic, a student of the third year of the Faculty of Law.