In 2008 CESI published leaflet on TEEN-DATING VIOLENCE. It was the second, revised edition of the leaflet published in 2001. The leaflet, designed as love letters, is aimed at adolescents. The goal of this educational material is to sensitise and educate young people about violence in their relationships. There are 5 leaflets, i.e love letters, on various themes such as:

  • How to have a great relationship
  • What you can do if your friend is in a violent relationship
  • Give me five minutes of your time and I will tell you in what kind of a relationship are  you  in!
  • Tell me how you behave in a relationship and I will tell you what kind of person are you!
  • Do you know? (statistical data on teen-dating violence)

The leaflet also has a list of counselling services for adolescents where they can seek help if encountered with the problem of teen-dating violence.