SOS telephone and counseling for women victims of violence in Krapina-Zagorje County

The Project has been conducted in co-operation with Krapina–Zagorje County (KZC) and the Commission for Gender Equality in KZC.

General goal:

To decrease gender based violence in KZC:

Specific goals:

  1. To provide direct psychological and legal assistance to women victims of violence
  2. To sensitize the citizens to the issues of gender based violence


Activities in the 2014:

  • Continuous work of the SOS line
  • Education and supervision of the volunteers and institutional experts involved in the implementation of the Protocol of Action in the case of the domestic violence
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the Protocol of action in the case of the domestic violence
  • Informing the general public on the problems of violence against women
  • Programs providing prevention of violence in the teen intimate relationships
  • Legal counseling
  • SOS helpline promotion in the media


Results in the 2013:

  • We secured the continuous work of the SOS helpline
  • Volunteers underwent 3 educations and 5 supervisions
  • 2  meetings with the relevant institutions and organizations have been made with the goal of monitoring the implementation of the Protocol of action in the case of domestic violence and introduction to the Protocol of action in the case of sexual violence
  • Local actions have been held in 18 units of local government during which a total of 3,000 fliers have been distributed
  • 3 lectures focusing on violence against women; 40 persons attended these lectures
  • 2 public presentations of the SOS helpline have been made with the total of 300 participants
  • 2 workshops for the high school students:  "Gender and Sex" have been organized; 50 students attended the workshops
  • The workshop about the prevention and elimination of trafficking of women and young girls: "Two Little Girls" for the teachers and educators of KZC have been created; 22 teachers participated in the workshop
  • Internet ads have been made and published on 2 web pages as well as the newspaper ads published in weekly newspapers from the area of KZC
  • Head of the SOS helpline participated in 9 radio shows and 5 television shows in which she talked about problems of violence towards women and through this reached and informed 5,000 people
  • 20 newspaper and on line articles have been published informing 5,000 people on the work of the SOS helpline and problems of family violence


Results in the 2012:

  1. The SOS helpline for the women – victims of violence in KZC has been established. The lines are for two hours twice a week. 12 educated volunteers work on the helpline.
  2. Two round tables have been organized theming work on the prevention of family violence in KZC and exchange of information relevant to this work. Round tables gathered 58 participants.
  3. 3 public actions have been organized in the 3 cities/townships of KZC and with this action a total of 500 people have been reached and informed via SOS helpline fliers. The fliers have also been disseminated in the cooperation with Police department of KZC
  4. Cooperation with the media from KZC have been established. In the year 2012 the SOS helpline has been covered with 3 TV appearances, 11 radio shows and interviews and 22 articles in newspapers and on line editions
  5. The project of the Safe House for the area of KZC has been made containing all relevant informations and options needed for the realization of this project