Sex and Gender Under the Magnyfying Glass (2nd Enlarged Edition)

The second enlarged edition of "Sex and Gender under the Magnifying Glass", a manual on identities, sexuality and the process of socialisation, is aimed at various experts who work or want to work with adolescents, using an interactive approach, on themes such as: sexuality, growing-up, gender equality, stereotypes and prejudices, and gender based violence. The second edition of the manual is supplemented with a chapter on training methodology as well as with new activities and exercises relating to the following themes: family and the process of socialisation, adolescents? sexuality, and gender equality. Each theme is accompanied by a set of exercises which are introduced by theoretical texts, as in the first edition. Values such as self-esteem, non-violence, tolerance and gender equality make up the conceptual framework for this manual. The new edition is illustrated and thus looks more attractive and interesting. The manual can be obtained at CESI's office and downloaded from SeZaM.