Research and analysis

An important element of our work is to influence decision-makers from business, public and private sectors. Activities are aimed at making policy documents and recommendations for the implementation of specific measures in the area of women's human rights and gender equality policies as well as presenting them to the general public and key decision makers in the governmental bodies  and private sector.

  • Analysis of Gender Equality Act

    Analysis was conducted in a very delicate moment for the Croatian legal framework on equal treatment of men and women, due to the the Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia repealing the Gender Equality Act (Decision U-I / 2696 / 2003), and due to the negotiations of the (...)

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  • Recommendations to Increase Women's Political Participation

    CESI created "Recommendations to Increase Women's Political Participation" for political parties after parliamentary elections in 2007. Political parties, if they wish to represent and advocate the concept of common good, will need to include women as the ones who will best represent and (...)

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  • Violence doesn't pass by itself

    Most young people between the ages of 16 and 19 who participated in the research already had a relationship and many of them think that violence in relationships is a serious problem among teenagers. Some of those teenagers hear about cases of violence in relationship on a daily basis as such (...)

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