Ready for Work!

Ready for Work! project was implemented in cooperation with partner organizations Croatian Employment Service - Regional Office Krapina and Mreža udruga Zagor. Project implementation lasted from November 2014 until November 2015 in Zagreb and Krapina-Zagorje County. It was financially supported by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.

The goal of the project was to affect the quality of life of youth who are not a part of educational system or who are unemployed (NEET). A research about position of youth in labor world and specific position of young women was conducted and the results offered a base for creation of appropriate messages for the campaign as for further advocacy activities regarding creation of public gender-sensitive policies adjusted to young people.

Results were showing gender differences - men have more employment contracts for an indefinite period and have domination in private sector, while women have more employment contracts for a fixed term and more often work in civil service and civil sector.

Three public discussions and two public actions were held in Zagreb and in Krapina-Zagorje County with a goal to inform young people and local communities about labor rights and specific position of young women in the labor world along with presentation of results of conducted research and Youth Guarantee. A Club for Employment of Young Women was implemented in Zagreb and Krapina-Zagorje County as well. The goal of creating clubs was to empower participants for an active job search by providing new knowledge and skills.

The curriculum for working with Clubs has been published and is available for download here.

The media campaign informed young people about the Youth Guarantee, workers' rights and gender equality in the labor world. Also, young people were provided with information on workers' rights and obligations as well as gender equality in CESI Legal Counseling.

At the final conference held in September, recommendations for the creation of effective public policies with aim to improve the situation of NEET young people were made. They were distributed to relevant stakeholders, but they are also available on CESI's web page: http://www.cesi.hr/hr/novosti/1748-zakljucci-i-preporuke-s-konferencije-mladi-bez-granica/. The project, especially the results of research, has generated great interest of local and national media.