Parenthood is not a Game

TV spot "Parenthood is not a Game" is a part of the project YOUTH MATTERS!, which aims at drawing attention of the public to the importance and need to address the issue of sexual and reproductive health and youth rights but with the active participation of young people themselves.

TV clip PARENTHOOD IS NOT A GAME raises the issue of teenage pregnancies from the perspective of a sixteen-years-old young man who becomes a father. The subject of teenage pregnancies has always been stereotypically associated with girls implying that it was a female problem whereas the responsibility and role of boys remains invisible. For this reason this topic has been approached from another angle, that of a male, in order to emphasize the shared responsibility of boys and girls. Key message of the clip is that parenthood is not a game and that youth has the right to sexual education, counselling centers and clinics.   The video was produced by HULAHOP and the director of the spot is Dijana Bolanča Paulić. The video can be viewed on Equality channel.