No Excuse for Violence

The goal of our manual "No Excuse for Violence" is raising public awareness and informing the public on the forms of violence. With the manual we began the public campaign "Right to Live Without Violence" with the main goal to raise public awareness on problem of violence against girls and women. The manual is used as educational material on seminars and school classes dedicated to that subject. It is used by the trainers of Society for Psychological Help on their seminars on family violence and it is also used in schools in Opatija, Split and Zagreb.

It is has been distributed to all Centers for Social Welfare in Croatia , and to some of the medical centres and schools. In the frame of the campaign we have organized several public forums on the issue of violence against women in Karlovac, Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Vojnic, Gvozd with the more than 250 people participating.