Better Safe Than Sorry - Prevention of Violence in Adolescent Relationships

Manual "Better Safe Than Sorry - Prevention of Violence in Adolescent Relationships", authors: Sanja Cesar, Nataša Bijelić, Amir Hodžić and Vedrana Kobaš. It is aimed at educators who want to work with adolescents on the theme of gender based violence using interactive approach. Violence in adolescent relationships is serious problem but "invisible" in our society and non-existent in the formal educational system. For that reason we decided to publish this manual so that it can be used as a prevention tool. The manual contains theoretical introduction on gender-based violence and programme of prevention and education on violence in adolescent relationships for high-school students. Eleven school-hours long programme has five modules: Love and Relationships; Sex and Gender; Power and Violence in Relationships; Skills Needed for Quality Relationships; Human Rights - a Right to Live without Violence. Besides that, manual offers concrete propositions how to work with young men and women and parents on this issue and also what to do after implementation of the programme. The manual can be obtained at CESI's office and downloaded from SeZaM.